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High Power LASER


High power LASER is the latest technology in LASER therapy to promote tissue repair at cellular level.


LASER light, due to its monochromacy and coherency, can direct its effect precisely. Its 1064nm wavelength is highly active specifically for biological chromophores, allowing maximum therapeutic effect without irradiating unwanted areas. The maximum power of 12 W allows an extremely high penetration of the LASER beam and guarantees efficient stimulation of tissue and pain receptors located up to 12 cm in depth from the skin surface.


The LASER light penetrates the cell and stimulates the mitochondria to normalize the production of ATP (energy source of cell) and accelerate tissue repair. LASER therapy can also reduce inflammation and swelling by regulating the lymphatic flow and the concentration of pro-inflammatory mediators.


High power LASER is a fast and effective treatment with no side effects in a wide range of clinical conditions. It is particularly promising for overuse injuries and is valuable for treating slow healing tissues, which are often deprived of sufficient blood supply, e.g. tendinitis.


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PhysioFit High Power LASER


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PhysioFit High Power LASER