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Are you looking for the optimal rehabilitation exercises after sustained an injury? Are you frustrated from convention treatment and your overuse symptoms always recur? Or you are seeking for a easy and effective ways to get rid of the aches after work related to poor posture?


With many years of physiotherapy practice, symptoms of an overuse injury can some time last longer than a serious bone fracture. It makes the rehabilitation process challenging. Local treatment cannot warrant good results unless the musculoskeletal system skillfully re-trained. Recent research finding suggests promoting core stability and body awareness can tackle movement dysfunction and relieve pain. Our certified GYROTONIC® physiotherapists combine the beauty of GYROTONIC® exercises with the knowledge of anatomy and pathology, developed a fascinating exercise method in rehabilitation and fitness enhancement. With accurate assessment we identify the key addressing your symptoms, usually it happens not only on one body part. Integration of GYROTONIC® methodology and physiotherapy we provide the best possible treatment option to wide scope of patients’ need, range from injury and overuse rehabilitation to postural correction.


What is GYROTONIC® Exercise?


GYROTONIC® exercises allow the joints to move through a natural range of motion without jamming and compression. These carefully crafted sequences create balance, stability, strength and flexibility. It is three-dimensional in its range of movement, emphasizing spiraling and circular movement, and this is unique to this form of exercise. Individuals who are used to work in linear movement are often surprised by how little control they have in rotation. Unfortunately most of the stabilizing musculature in our body working in rotational manner, like shoulder rotator cuff, hip rotators, and our abdominal oblique muscles. Dysfunction of these stabilizers easily causes pain and overuse injuries. With the spiraling exercises together with the elongation and contrast provided by the machine suspension system, facilitate you to re-gain the precise control, strength and flexibility of the movement without loading the joints. GYROTONIC® exercise provides series of training focusing on specific body parts and its unique form of exercises provide the co-ordination and linkage between torso and extremity at the same time. Physiotherapists can modulate the difficulty of exercise by adjusting weight in the system to suit different physical ability and clients of all ages. Its effectiveness and uniqueness embark the new trend of musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation.