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Golf Conditioning


For the past 30 years, I have had one goal – to help each of my students reach their full potential in the game of golf. In my experience, conventional strength training, core conditioning, and other fitness disciplines did not result in students achieving their perfect golf swing. The search to help my students achieve the goal finally led me to Juliu Horvath GYROTONIC® methodology. GYROTONIC® training gives golfers the best possible combination of strength, flexibility and speed – all essential to developing the golf swing to its full potential. When GYROTONIC® training is combined with my unique golf training system, clients of all ages have achieved unbelievable success! My research and experience have brought to the realization that GYROTONIC® methodology is the perfect compliment for golf.
- David Rasmussen, PGA Tour Instructor


Golf is physically demanding. Often have we came across clients with golf injuries, though it is not very painful initially while you enjoying the game but it usually hurts the day after. With high repetitions of movement in a flexed spinal posture, overuse injuries are common. Local treatment is not satisfying unless the flawed movement pattern in the swing which making your joints susceptible is identified. Our conditioning program prepares golfers to bend through hips in address position with ease, train the muscles of torso to rotate with precise spinal angel and speed. It also helps building up legs to generate power in the golf swing and opening up your upper back to allow more arm rotations. GYROTONIC® exercise focus on the training of dynamic stability and co-ordination of upper and lower body into a synchronized motion. It gives you the best way to maximize your swing consistency and carrying distance as well as prolong the playing years.