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Antenatal and Postnatal Class


Pregnant women have hormonal changes. They often have pain at different areas of the body (neck, back, knee and wrist etc.). Proper posture and exercise are essential to minimize the pain.


Hormonal changes can cause laxity of ligaments and weakness of muscles. As the fetus gets bigger week by week,the uneven body weight leads to excessive arched back posture (Hyper-lordosis). This poor posture increases loading at various joints, reduces the activation of core muscles and causes pain. The pain would further inhibit core muscle strength and result in a vicious cycle.


Proper posture and antenatal exercise is crucial to break this vicious cycle.


PhysioFit introduces gentle and safe yet effective antenatal and postnatal exercise program for pregnant women. It includes postural correction, strengthening and stretching exercises etc. Good alignment promotes core muscle activation, reduces stress on joints and soft tissues. This program helps pregnant women to restore their strength and flexibility. It helps you speed up thepost-natal recovery. With a healthy body, you can take good care of the healthy baby.


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