You are Unique

PhysioFit believes every individual is unique and its dedicated physiotherapists will help you to understand your body, manage your dysfunction and maximize your potential.


“One patient - one therapist” approach

We insist to provide “one patient - one therapist” treatment approach. We will provide a detailed assessment to identify your problem and to discover the underlying causes. Our treatment will then focus on effective pain relief strategies including use of therapeutic exercises that are custom made for you to achieve the best possible outcome.


Equipped with the latest therapeutic equipment

PhysioFit aims to provide you with the keys to unlock any current physical restrictions. Apart from conventional physical treatment modalities, PhysioFit provides Focal Shockwave therapy which is effective in managing chronic muscle pain, soft tissues overuse and tendon related problems, and High Power Laser therapy to stimulate tissue repair at cellular level. Their physiotherapists and instructors are accredited trainers of state-of-the-art GYROTONIC® and Pilates equipment.


Private treatment rooms

We provide private individual treatment rooms for every client. Our mission is to create a friendly and comfortable environment where you can rehabilitate and enjoy achieving better vitality, sports performance and personal health.


Gyrotonic Exercise
Shockwave Therapy
High Power LASER
Manual Therapy

Latest News 

Physiotherapy Service Charge Adjustment

12 Dec 2018

Owing to the continuous increase of the operational cost and salary, and in spite of our best efforts to balance out the costs with clients’ needs, we have taken decision to adjust the physiotherapy charges. The effective date would be 1st Jan 2019.


PhysioFit Mindfulness 「靜能量」11月靜觀工作坊靜觀運動・Mindful Movement

Mindfulness 「靜能量」11月靜觀工作坊 - 靜觀運動・Mindful Movement (已完結)

25th Oct 2018

日期:23/11/2018 (星期五)


地點:PHYSIOFIT, 中環德輔道中71號永安集團大廈605室

由物理治療師Jessie Chan和靜觀導師Aya Kwan一同帶領大家活動一下,透過將靜觀融入運動上,讓我們更能覺察身體感覺及身體正列(Body Alignment),提升身體協調力及及對身體姿勢的敏感度,改善不良姿勢。

PhysioFit High Power LASER

High Power LASER

Dec 2016

Latest research proven technology for pain treatment. It accelerates tissue repair, safe and painless without side effect.


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